Clint Eastwood's Chrysler Super Bowl Ad If America Just Quit

Chicago's Second City takes on the Clint Eastwood Super Bowl ad and ponders a world where we'd given up on Chrysler. "It's halftime in America, and playing two halves is asking a lot. So, good game." » 2/08/12 10:00am 2/08/12 10:00am

Anti-Iran Group Goes Nuclear Over J. Lo Fiat Ads

Fiat's disastrous Jennifer Lopez ad campaign just got worse. A political group's claiming that, in addition to pretending to go home in a car that kept breaking down, J. Lo indirectly supports Iran's nuclear ambitions and human rights abuses. Just watch the video. » 1/23/12 4:00pm 1/23/12 4:00pm

No One Can Tell Clarkson He's Wrong, Top Gear Is A Battlefield

So what do you get when you mash together BattleField 2 and a segment from Top Gear, the world's most amazingest driving show? How about the most epic parody / homage we've ever seen for any show. The boys from Sir. Community have outdone themselves in this re-make of the smashing clip of the Range Rover Sport vs.…

» 10/19/06 3:51pm 10/19/06 3:51pm