Is The Lack Of A 2016 Baby Jesus Christmas Edition Silverado More Evidence Of A War On Christmas?

Like most of you, I’m not sure Christmas is still a holiday that even gets celebrated in America! I tend to get most of my information from disposable coffee cups, and those seem to suggest an outright hostility to the holiday, what with all their color and all. And now I find that General Motors has no plans for a… »11/09/15 3:42pm11/09/15 3:42pm


No One Can Tell Clarkson He's Wrong, Top Gear Is A Battlefield

So what do you get when you mash together BattleField 2 and a segment from Top Gear, the world's most amazingest driving show? How about the most epic parody / homage we've ever seen for any show. The boys from Sir. Community have outdone themselves in this re-make of the smashing clip of the Range Rover Sport vs.… »10/19/06 3:51pm10/19/06 3:51pm