Parking Meter Alarm Is Too Convenient For The Average Driver

For those that regularly have to deal with feeding quarters into parking meters, this device could be a life ticket saver. It's a small keychain that includes a timer and holds a stack of quarters. Set the timer when you feed the meter and it will beep five minutes prior to it expiring. But there is a definite… »4/09/08 4:15pm4/09/08 4:15pm

39 Percent of Atlanta's Parking Meters Stolen During Past Year

Someone has been doing a Cool Hand Luke and sawing off Atlanta's parking meters, managing to get 39% of the city's total meter population this year. City officials think the thefts are all about cutting off the heads for easy change-removal at a more convenient location, but perhaps it's a cell of the Nationalist… »12/21/07 5:00pm12/21/07 5:00pm

VIOLATION: First Parking Meters Installed on this Day in 1935

Sure, we all hate parking meters, but before July 19, 1935, they were just a gleam in the eye of America's crooked municipal bosses and the ladies who performed their happy endings. On this day, that year, the city of Oklahoma City installed the first automatic parking meter in the US, the Park-O-Meter. According to… »7/19/06 1:34pm7/19/06 1:34pm