Is This Minivan Driver The World's Worst Parker?

Parking can be difficult, but typically not in a nose-in parking space wide enough to fit two cars. Watch this minivan pilot ineptly try to guide the bulky purple machine into one such cavernous stall. » 6/19/12 9:30am 6/19/12 9:30am

Russian Wolves Now Attacking Parking Lots

The surely fake pack of wolves that mobbed the Russian police on Friday are now attacking shoppers at a Russian supermarket. What's this viral marketing for? A Russian wolf movie? Wolf spray? (Hat tip to TheCroatianGuy!) » 10/18/10 10:30am 10/18/10 10:30am

This Is Why People Think Shopping Cart Drivers Are Asshats

Would you look at this? Not only is this guy taking up a whole space, he's doing it by parking sideways. We hear this guy parks like this every day. Asshat! (Thanks for the genius photo Cody!) » 8/26/10 3:15pm 8/26/10 3:15pm