Ferrari Flambé Does $6 Million In Damage To Paris Garage

A fire that started yesterday is raging in the underground garage of Paris's Ritz Hotel below the Place Vendome, allegedly caused by a Ferrari that burst into flames. The garage is typically full of exotic cars and damage could be well over $6 million once the fire is extinguished. Because, yes, the fire still isn't… » 3/08/12 2:00pm 3/08/12 2:00pm

When You're Not In Your Car The Stereoscopic Parking Garage Will Freak You Out

The three-dimensional directional system Australian designer Axel Peemoeller created inside the Eureka Tower Car Park in Melbourne may have won several design awards, but wethinks perhaps it'll freak you out if you happen to be walking by. Especially when you start to notice it looks like the walls and floors are… » 8/03/08 11:13pm 8/03/08 11:13pm

Green Santa Monica Parking Facility Gives Preference To Electrics

The Santa Monica Civic Center has erected one hell of a new, very green parking facility. The building, which looks like a technicolor nightmare, is on task to become the first LEED certified parking garage in the country. LEED is the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, basically certifying the building as… » 4/16/08 6:00pm 4/16/08 6:00pm

Man Who Drove Car Off Parking Deck Was Drunk

Yesterday we told you about the guy that drove his Ford Taurus off a parking garage only to be saved by a few cables that prevented the oval auto from crashing into the ground 200 feet below. We were fairly sure that it was a botched suicide attempt, but we were wrong. It turns out the guy was just totally hammered. » 12/14/07 4:15pm 12/14/07 4:15pm