Volkwagen Demonstrates Parking Assist, Lexus Giggles

Lexus has been letting drivers prove they cannot handle basic driving functions for a while now, but Volkswagen is getting into the act and recently demonstrated a similar type of parking assist service at the Hanover Fair. The system uses the usual array of cameras and ultrasound sensors to perfectly park the car in… » 4/23/08 2:20pm 4/23/08 2:20pm

Parking! CNBC's Phil LeBeau Lets Lexus LS 460 Park Itself

Phil LeBeau decided this past week he'd take his life out of his own hands, and leave the parking to Lexus. The CNBC correspondent showed off the latest in "parking assistance technology" on the LS 460 and although not death-defying, it wasn't exactly what you'd call amazing. It looks like the technology backs your… » 9/25/06 8:45am 9/25/06 8:45am