Iran Flaunts Its Wacky Combat Aircraft Collection During Army Day Parade

Iran’s Army Day parade always features an interesting hodgepodge of rickety floats and actual military hardware. This year included a high-speed flypast of what is just about the best eye candy around for any military aviation buff: A KC-747 , F-14A, F-4E, and a MiG-29UB all in formation.
» 4/21/15 2:48pm 4/21/15 2:48pm

Man Arrested After Christmas Float Hoonage

A friendly reminder, as the holidays approach: If you happen to be driving a float, and a tractor up ahead is going 5 mph, it's likely you are in a parade. And, unless the rule changed sometime between Thanksgiving and yesterday, there's no passing allowed. A man in South Carolina was recently arrested and charged… » 12/05/06 9:24am 12/05/06 9:24am

I Am Indy: The Parade's The Thing, Part II — Ray's A Maniac, Maniac, In…

This is the part where Ray went crazy. And we don't mean the crazy like the crap we pulled earlier in the day. You see, being in a parade is much different than watching a parade. You have unimaginable powers. The whole crowd is watching you, and they're just waiting to be excited. I learned this when Ray hopped… » 5/27/06 9:05pm 5/27/06 9:05pm

I am Indy: The Parade's the Thing, Part 1 — Helio's The Man

One of the big events on Indy Weekend is the IPL 500 Festival Parade, and yeah, we were there. Actually we weren't just there we were in the parade. We might have even flashed a "You're with me, leather" Deadspin logo on ESPN. Someone needs to check the TiVo and get back to us, asap. Also, Ray is maniac. But we're… » 5/27/06 8:50pm 5/27/06 8:50pm