Did Lindsay Lohan Hit a Baby in a Stroller with Her Maserati?

We enter the scene at the moment after impact: Lindsay Lohan's shiny black Maserati drives away as a baby begins to cry. A paparazzo says this shaky video depicts Lindsay Lohan hitting a stroller, then fleeing. But does it really? » 9/03/10 6:01pm 9/03/10 6:01pm

Name That Car!

Time to flex those brain cells and see if you can guess today's car before the jump. The picture gives a big hint, letting you know that it's a Deluxe. The question is; a Deluxe what? » 8/19/09 2:40pm 8/19/09 2:40pm

Name That Car!

Today we have an easy one for you. Take a look at this shot and see if you can guess the identity of our mystery car before hitting the jump. Here's a hint- it's engine turns back time. » 8/07/09 5:15pm 8/07/09 5:15pm

Name That Car!

Here's a chance to exhibit your automotive acumen and impress the ladies. Take a gander at this shot and give us your best guess as to what car this is. The surprising answer is after the jump. » 7/29/09 2:37pm 7/29/09 2:37pm

Whoa! Keanu Reeves Sued For "Grazing" Paparazzo With Porsche

Pop quiz, hotshot — you see Keanu Reeves backing his Porsche out of a parking space south of Los Angeles and he hits you with his sports car... do you sue? If you're a member of the paparazzi, the answer is probably yes. Alison Silva is suing Reeves, claiming he suffered shock and serious injuries when the car… » 11/06/07 10:45am 11/06/07 10:45am