The Panoz Esperante Is Still Around To Get A New Special Edition

This is it: the Panoz Esperante 25th Anniversary Edition. I know, I didn't know it still existed, either. And maybe you've forgotten what it is. » 4/07/14 7:30pm 4/07/14 7:30pm

Panoz Batmobile: Proof Front-Engined Race Cars Don't Suck

Front-engined cars have been absent from the highest echelons of racing since the early 1960s. But in 1997, Don Panoz took a car to Le Mans ready to rattle the mid-engined establishment. It was called the Batmobile. » 6/16/09 11:00am 6/16/09 11:00am

Barrett-Jackson: Panoz Esperante Flying Car Takes Off for Only $45,000

Jalopnik still loves flying cars — it may still be part of our masthead, we can't remember — but here's a perfect example. It's the $100,000 Panoz Esperante converted by Jesse James of Monster Garage into an airborne vehicle whose first flight matched the success of the Wright Brothers. Seriously — they took it to… » 1/19/08 5:15pm 1/19/08 5:15pm