So That Nice Citroens Might Live, Hanzel Auto Body Hacks Up This Rusty DS

We took a look at Hanzel Auto Body Works »9/03/08 6:00pm9/03/08 6:00pm, located in Oakland's historic Auto Row district for 90 years, last winter and saw that Henry Hanzel's shop is definitely the epicenter for all things Citroën in Northern California. A few weeks back, I got an email that started "I'll be cutting up a rusted-out Citroën DS at my…

PCH, Deconstruction Edition: One Panhard or Two Renaults?

The plan was to have the PCH superpower whose vehicle won yesterday's Choose Your Eternity challenge pit one of its finest, most hellish machines against an offering from the remaining PCH superpower, France. Unfortunately, the Gawker poll thingy appears to have been designed by Joe Lucas, and the 2-0 tally in favor… »2/29/08 5:30pm2/29/08 5:30pm

Dy-na-MITE! Er, Dyna Z! Part of the Panhard Dynasty!

Follower of the Dyna X, the Panhard Dyna Z was now and then referred to as "The World's Most Expensive Economy Car," having retailed in the US for a fair bit of dosh for something that most Yanks thought of a Gallic anomaly. Nevertheless, look at this thing. No! Just look at it! As illustrated above, it even had a… »1/25/07 10:45pm1/25/07 10:45pm