Oh Noes! Cute Panda Crashes Fiat 500

What better way to advertise your eco-friendly credentials than by putting a bunch of cute animals through crash tests? We just wish Fiat would give the Walrus its bucket back. » 6/26/09 4:00pm 6/26/09 4:00pm

FIAT Gives Us A Nuanced Critique On The Auto Show Experience

When one thinks of great Italian directors, artists like Rosselini, de Sica and Fellini immediately come to mind. To this list we must add the cinematic genius behind this subtle yet humorous take on the auto show. It combines the camera work of the neorealists with the carefully constructed mise en scene of the… » 3/05/08 3:30pm 3/05/08 3:30pm

Fiat Panda Aria Concept Teases Us With Green Possibilities

We're big fans of the Fiat Panda, which manages to combine the most desirable attributes of an MPV and a 4x4 hatchback in a reliable package. It's no wonder then that Fiat has repeatedly used this platform to debut new technologies. The Fiat Panda Aria pictured here sans cover is the second generation of the… » 3/04/08 9:45am 3/04/08 9:45am

The Jamaican Bobsled Team Hoons a Fiat Panda

OK, you'll need to suspend some of the ol' disbelief to really enjoy this ad for the '07 Fiat Panda. Don't question why the members of the Jamaican Bobsled Team are howling at some avalanche-prone mountainside in the Italian Alps, or how a Panda manages to negotiate hairpin turns at Maserati-like velocities with four… » 12/25/07 1:30pm 12/25/07 1:30pm

Fiat and Daimler In Talks to Swap Bodies

Looks as though Dr. Z has something else up his sleeve, with the announcement from Fiat that the companies are in talks to do a little body swapping. While we think a Monica Belluci for Heidi Klum exchange might provide fruitful for all involved, we're fairly sure they're talking about something else. Though details… » 12/10/07 3:30pm 12/10/07 3:30pm

Geneva Showcase: Bertone Barchetta Concept

< dipshit 1980s prog-rock reference > Whether or not your uncle has country place that no one knows about, or if a gleaming alloy air car is shooting towards you two lanes' wide, what you need is a brilliant Red Barchetta from a better, vanished time < /dipshit 1980s prog-rock reference >. No, what you really need is… » 3/06/07 5:50pm 3/06/07 5:50pm

Fiat Panda Off to Dakar

We dig minicars. We also dig Italian cars. And we dig the Dakar Rally very much. Fiat, knowing this, has decided to enter two 4x4 Pandas in the Dakar Rally. They turned the diminutive hatch into a panel van, filled it full of goodies helpful for survival in the desert, and left the 105-horse 1.3L turbodiesel alone.… » 1/03/07 4:15pm 1/03/07 4:15pm

James May Buys Panda, Saves Blighty

Captain Slow has cashed in his Range Rover and picked himself up 1.2L petrol- powered Fiat Panda in the interest of saving England from what he feels is the biodiesel scourge. You see, the estimable Mr. May doesn't like the look of British biodiesel's prime ingredient: oilseed rape.
» 12/27/06 10:00pm 12/27/06 10:00pm

And as Clarkson's the Little…

Bond-a Bear: Fiat's Panda Sport

Up to now, Fiat’s miniscule Panda has never cracked triple digits in horsepower. But considering the car will have a supporting role in the upcoming Bond flick, "Don't You Never Say Never Anymore Ever Again" aka, "Novopussy" (or whatever), it could use a little sprucing up. Now, Fiat's introducing the Panda Sport,… » 9/12/06 9:48am 9/12/06 9:48am

Fiat Afloat: Panda 4X4 Attempts English Channel Crossing

Want to see a Panda swim? (No, LingLing, get down from that diving board.) Earlier today, a modded Fiat Panda 4X4 left Folkestone, Kent in the UK bound for the French coast — in an attempt to cross the English Channel. The car, wrapped in a set of water wings fit for a car, isn't an ordinary Panda, it's the Terramare… » 7/21/06 9:09am 7/21/06 9:09am

The Littlest Monster: Fiat's Special-Edition Panda

What's the difference between a Ducati Monster 695 motorcycle and a Fiat Panda? Let's see: they've both got around 70 hp and they're both Italian (Ducati's ownership being back in old-country hands). Other than that, not so much, especially since the Ducati measures its zero-to-60 times in single digits and the Panda… » 4/19/06 9:54am 4/19/06 9:54am

James Bond to Give Up Aston Martin for a Fiat Panda?

In the next James Bond film, "Casino Royale," coming this year, 007 will get behind the wheel of an unlikely car for an international secret agent — or could it be the most likely secret agent's car of all, hmmm? Word is, Bond will be driving a Fiat Panda, albiet an "armed miniature fortress," as "indestructable as… » 8/03/05 12:53pm 8/03/05 12:53pm