FIAT Gives Us A Nuanced Critique On The Auto Show Experience

When one thinks of great Italian directors, artists like Rosselini, de Sica and Fellini immediately come to mind. To this list we must add the cinematic genius behind this subtle yet humorous take on the auto show. It combines the camera work of the neorealists with the carefully constructed mise en scene of the… »3/05/08 3:30pm3/05/08 3:30pm

Fiat Afloat: Panda 4X4 Attempts English Channel Crossing

Want to see a Panda swim? (No, LingLing, get down from that diving board.) Earlier today, a modded Fiat Panda 4X4 left Folkestone, Kent in the UK bound for the French coast — in an attempt to cross the English Channel. The car, wrapped in a set of water wings fit for a car, isn't an ordinary Panda, it's the Terramare… »7/21/06 9:09am7/21/06 9:09am