Tesla Getting Two Billion Battery Cells, Could Quadruple Production

Tesla has been on a roll over the last couple of years, proving critics wrong and selling a shit ton of electric cars. They're going to start selling a lot more: They made a deal with battery supplier Panasonic for two billion more cells over the next four years. » 10/30/13 1:20pm 10/30/13 1:20pm

The Future Of Disabled Mobility Tech

Mobility technology has historically been limited to wheelchairs. But the aging global population is leading companies like Honda and Panasonic to envision new technology combining robotics and even mind control to give mobility-limited individuals freedom. Here's what to expect. » 9/30/09 1:15pm 9/30/09 1:15pm

Video: Batmobile Hits The Track At Silverstone

We told you this past week the Batmobile would be taking some laps at Silverstone, with Panasonic Toyota Racing's Formula 1 car team spending some time this weekend running alongside at the track. Now we've got the video to prove that still shot wasn't some kind of hallucination. Don't expect a lot of screeching tires… » 7/06/08 8:38am 7/06/08 8:38am