Tesla Spotted In Palo Alto, Price Of Electrons Climbs

A few months before I started writing for El Jalop, one of the few Mercedes-Benz F-Cell fuel cell cars parked on my block for while, and I'm still kicking myself for not photographing it. The anonymous tipster who sent in the shots of a Tesla Roadster he found parked in Palo Alto, on the other hand, had his camera… » 5/05/08 7:30am 5/05/08 7:30am

Keep Her Away from J.J. and Victor!

Speaking, as we were, of good ol' ThnderBlt, we noticed that one of his classmates from his rather chichi and exclusive high school made the news recently when she got all hepped up on a booze/Aleve cocktail and stole an ambulance on the Stanford campus. Two paramedics had a drunken student on a stretcher when law… » 6/11/07 7:30pm 6/11/07 7:30pm