Why Did The World's Biggest Car Auction Raise Money For This Birther Scammer Of A Wounded Vet Charity?

Another day. Another Barrett-Jackson controversy involving a president. This weekend the famous classic car auction helped raise $950,000 for a Marine veteran's project for wounded warriors. The only problem? The money isn't going to the highly-regarded charity, the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). »4/09/12 11:15am4/09/12 11:15am


First Shelby GT-H Drop-Top Auctioned At Palm Beach Barrett-Jackson

So Shelby's got themselves a GT-H Convertible and they auctioned off the very first rent-a-racer in 'vert form at the big classic car BJ down in Palm Beach. The GT-H drop-top's basically the same mechanically as the coupe — 319 HP, etc. The big difference in addition to the obviously droppable top is a rollbar and… »4/02/07 10:32am4/02/07 10:32am