Driver who survived 199 mph supercar crash is new Gemballa owner

The guy who miraculously survived the 199 mph Zonda F crash is none other than Steffen Korbach who invested heavily in the company after founder Uwe Gemballa was murdered. You think he'd be smarter than to tempt fate. » 2/21/11 5:15pm 2/21/11 5:15pm

More Angles Of Fishy Pagani Huayra Revealed

Maybe the Pagani Huayra looks less awkward in wind-tunnel analysis than it does in pictures. New magazine shots revealed online this week show some new sides to Horacio Pagani's tortured virtuosity. Just keep telling yourself: "700 horsepower. 700 horsepower." [] » 1/25/11 1:40pm 1/25/11 1:40pm

The Easiest Way To Get A $2 Million Pagani Zonda

Facebook's game for the car-obsessed cubicle worker, Car Town, is adding a new digital car to help you take down that pesky McLaren F1: a Pagani Zonda. Time to get those interns to start cranking out more paint jobs. » 1/14/11 12:30pm 1/14/11 12:30pm