The Train Tunnel in This 1898 Film Is Now Part of Pacific Coast Highway

Santa Monica's McClure Tunnel—is there a more dramatic 400 feet of roadway in all the Southland? First, the daylight fades as you leave behind the Santa Monica Freeway and plunge through the tunnel's eastern portal. The road curves through the darkness, and then a new world flashes before you. As your eyes readjust,… »4/30/14 3:38pm4/30/14 3:38pm

PT Cruiser PCH: Dodge Announces California Edition Cruiser

Carmakers have been building California edition cars since the Governator was just a seed in the pocket of some Austrian's brownish shirt. Now, as Wert found out — he's prowling around metro Detroit, looking for a free press luncheon and a nice cabernet — Chrysler's building a limited edition PT Cruiser with a West… »8/15/06 9:59am8/15/06 9:59am