1975 AMC Pacer: So Wide, It Can Be Used As A Packing Crate For A Nova!

OK, so the Nova would stick out the back if you tried to stuff one inside a Pacer's shell (though the Pinto and Vega might fit). The point here is that the Pacer was completely crazy- no, wait, we mean incredibly innovative! »10/17/08 11:01am10/17/08 11:01am Tough as it might be to believe today, the Pacer sold pretty well and was once a common sight…

All A Pacer Needs Is a Little Love and a Jeep Engine

So what we have here is an honest-to-God AMC Pacer Family. Dad builds a 10-second Pacer with a Pontiac 455, then buys his daughter her first pager... at age eight (apparently driver's-license regs are more lenient in Louisiana than they are in the rest of the country). Now she's driving a purple '76 Pacer X with a… »11/07/07 4:00pm11/07/07 4:00pm

Why You Belfasties Gotta Poke Fun? The Telly on the Pacer

Last week we posted on a bit the Belfast Telegraph did on the history of the Proud Ship Studebaker. This time, they're taking on the Pacer, and their invective gats are loaded with hollow points: "The AMC Pacer is really America's Austin Allegro, a Seventies car that was so uniformly inept in almost all respects that… »5/30/06 9:00pm5/30/06 9:00pm

But Does it Come With a Licorice Dispenser? Cad 472-Powered Pacer on eBay

Ah, only in San Berdoo. This 1976 Pacer features a stonking Cadillac 472ci mill, but it needs a bit of work, especially requiring "exuast from the Exause manafolds back," which would include cats and um, and an AMC motor, because despite what the seller thinks, 1976 cars are required to pass smog in California. Oh,… »3/01/06 9:45pm3/01/06 9:45pm