Pace of Crap: The Worst Indy 500 Pace Cars

Since the early 1900s, the pace car of the Indianapolis 500 has represented the best in performance and beauty from the automotive manufacturing world. Unfortunately, you do something long enough and you’ll have problems. Here's the best of the worst. » 5/18/14 12:31pm 5/18/14 12:31pm

The Coolest IndyCar Pace Cars

For years, back when IndyCar was awesome and people watched it, PPG was the title sponsor and had all of the pace cars under their jurisdiction. They made some pretty awesome ones. But which was the coolest? » 4/11/14 10:00am 4/11/14 10:00am

The Most Amazing Pace Cars

Pace cars have to be fast around a track as the race cars behind them suffer under a certain speed. There have been many great ones throughout the years. » 12/11/13 1:40pm 12/11/13 1:40pm

The Best Pace Cars

Pace cars, also known as safety cars, are arguably the most important cars on any racetrack. It's actually not about going slow in front of the actual race cars, but rather going as fast as humanly possible, all in the interest of safety. » 5/26/13 4:00pm 5/26/13 4:00pm

Watch the most notable pace car disasters in history

This eight minute video is a mixture of pace car and safety car disasters from all over the world of motorsports. Luckily everyone involved in the crashes seen here recovered fully from their injuries, but as you can see the cars that are supposed to keep everyone on the track safe have certainly been involved in… » 8/14/11 2:00pm 8/14/11 2:00pm

Chevy Camaro SS Drops Top As Official Indy 500 Pace Car

Tonight at the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Arizona, Chevrolet and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway announced that yet again, the Camaro SS will be the official Pace Car of this year's Indy 500. The difference this year? It's the convertible. Ooh! » 1/20/11 8:00pm 1/20/11 8:00pm

Ten Alternative Indy 500 Pace Cars

The 2010 Camaro SS will pace this year's Indy 500 in a boring twist for a boring race. To spice things up we asked you to name some better options. Here are our favorite ten alternative Indy 500 pace cars. » 5/28/10 11:00am 5/28/10 11:00am

Mercedes SLS AMG F1 Safety Car: More POWER!

Some say the Mercedes SLS AMG can fly to the top of buildings without even flapping its gullwings. All we know is, at 571 HP, it's the most powerful F1 safety car... in the world... since the last one. » 2/26/10 9:30am 2/26/10 9:30am

2011 Ford Mustang GT Daytona 500 Pace Car: Redder, Not Just Better

As we reported earlier, the 2011 Ford Mustang GT is the official 2010 Daytona 500 Pace Car and it will be auctioned off by Barrett-Jackson for charity. First live picture of the pace-setting 'Stang below. » 1/19/10 1:45pm 1/19/10 1:45pm

Twelve Awesome Pace Cars

The only way to guarantee you're out at front in any race is to be in a pace car. We've picked out these twelve best featured below with the help of our readers. » 8/17/09 3:45pm 8/17/09 3:45pm