You Can Play Pac-Man On Google Maps Right Now

April Fool’s Day is imminent, which means that we’re about to see A) lots of unfunny people making awful attempts to prank everyone; and B) some people—often including big tech companies like Google and Blizzard—creating some brilliant things. Here’s one example of the latter. » 3/31/15 10:49am Today 10:49am

Mini Coopers Will Be Playing The Role Of Pac-Man Ghosts In Pixels

There's a new movie coming about aliens sending a bunch of old 8-bit, pixellated video game characters to Earth to kick our asses. Like almost every alien-kicking-our-asses movie, it looks pretty fun. This movie also gives the modern Mini Cooper its first real acting roles, where Minis will play the role of Pac-Man… » 3/18/15 1:20pm 3/18/15 1:20pm

Pac-Man With 1/18th Scale Toy Cars Is Awesome

Pac-Man is a Dodge Challenger. The ghosts are two Plymouth Barracudas, a '59 Caddy, a Porsche GT3 Cup, and a '70 Chevelle. The whole thing is shot in stop motion. It's awesome. » 8/17/12 10:00am 8/17/12 10:00am

Chevy Plays Pac-Man With Real Cars

Chevy's Chinese arm staged an automotive version of Pac-Man set to the song "It's F*cking Rock and Roll" with real Chevy Cruze compact sedans for this commercial. » 10/27/10 4:30pm 10/27/10 4:30pm