For $22,995, Become Crown Victorious

After semi-retiring from pro racing, Bob Bondurant opened a respected driving school, teaching everything from street safety to road racing. Today's Nice Nice Price or Crack Pipe Crown Vic sports Bondurant School lineage, but does its price make the grade? » 8/09/10 8:00am 8/09/10 8:00am

LeMons Torture Test Results: Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

Based on anecdotal evidence, we assumed that the P71 Crown Vic would be one of the top five most reliable LeMons cars, because that 4.6 Modular engine never breaks, but in fact it came in 13th place out of 38. » 1/17/10 10:00pm 1/17/10 10:00pm

Want A 5-Speed Crown Victoria?

We all thought transplanting the drivetrain from a Lightning F-150 into a 2000 Ford Crown Vic was pretty cool, but some Panther owners might want to take on a less ambitious project that still makes our cars a lot more fun to drive. Say, grabbing the T-45 transmission out of a Mustang and installing it in a Panther,… » 5/01/08 10:00am 5/01/08 10:00am

How to React If Pulled Over by an Unmarked Car

In theory, anyone can get an old Interceptor and some strobes or a plug-in cherry and start pulling people over. While unmarked cops in most places are encouraged to call in a marked radio car to handle the stop, that doesn't always happen. We constantly see people getting popped in the Chi by mustachioed men in dark… » 11/08/07 4:30pm 11/08/07 4:30pm

Beware The Long Arm Of The Fake, Molesting Law

Adding more evidence to our ongoing belief that only criminals, miscreants or Jalopnik writers drive decommissioned police cruisers, a priest and alleged child molester in Bloomfield, Connecticut has been cruising around town in one (not pictured). According to reports, this is similar to other vehicles that the… » 3/26/07 4:30pm 3/26/07 4:30pm