A CUV with a CVT a hoonmobile? I call BS

Don't be too sure of that statement. Many of us laugh in the face of a CVT, or even more so at the new WRX CVT, "a rally car with a CVT, the heck you say" this quote was directly taken from one of out more proper commentators. But since announcing it, many have wondered if you can really hoon a car with a CVT? I… » 2/11/14 9:45am 2/11/14 9:45am

Mitsubishi Outlander Gets Evo-Style Twin-Clutch SST Transmission For…

We don't really understand Mitsubishi anymore. They once offered a selection of great cars combining looking good and going fast. In the last couple of years, we've felt like their design department has lost their way, the quality has slipped and the only car worth talking about is a boy-racer sedan with a sticker… » 3/31/08 10:00am 3/31/08 10:00am

Is this Peugeot's Outlander-based 4007 SUV?

It's no secret Peugeot is planning to introduce an SUV in Europe based on the Mitsubishi Outlander. The question is, how will the French infuse the Japanese ute with proper Peugeotness? It could be these images of the Peugeot 4007 SUV are somone's idea of a one-panel joke, or they could be the real thing. Either way,… » 10/25/06 8:31am 10/25/06 8:31am

Mitsubishi to Show Outlander Concept in Paris

Mitsubishi's following up its L200 pickup-SUV with the unveiling of a concept version of the crossover known to Americans as "Outlander" and the Japanese as "Outlanderku" (yeah, not really) at the Paris show this September. The company needs to get in on the expanding European market for small SUVs, and it hopes a… » 7/03/06 9:57am 7/03/06 9:57am

Spy Photos: 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander-Based Peugeot 4007 4x4

One of the first vehicles to be produced as part of a new cooperation between France's PSA and Mitsubishi broke cover this week (with a little help from Photoshop), with fresh photos appearing of a small, French SUV on the recently redesigned World Car Fans. Based on the new Mitsubishi Outlander, the Peugeot 4007 is a… » 2/06/06 8:27am 2/06/06 8:27am

Spy Photos: More on the 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander

More spy shots have surfaced of Mitsubishi's redesigned Outlander (let's all sing it together) crossover SUV. Working up a competitive offering in this category is part of the company's turnaround effort, and its decision to take it midsize is likely to fill the gap left by its outgoing Montero Sport. The new ' lander… » 9/16/05 10:04am 9/16/05 10:04am