Last of the Mad Max V8 Interceptor Replicas

There's a man in England named Adrian Bennett. He is going to move to Australia with his family and his car. Why? Because he is going to convert his replica Ford Falcon V8 Interceptor from Mad Max status to the way the supercharged beauty looked in The Road Warrior. Why? So he can drive it near Robin Hill, which is… » 5/22/07 10:15am 5/22/07 10:15am

Both Of Our Minds Psyched-In Together: The Making Of Bullitt

We were 99.99% sure Steve McQueen was the coolest man who ever lived before we watched this clip about his "commitment to reality." After viewing it, we are happy to report the 0.01% of doubt has been snubbed out. Basically, "...so that when we went by them at well over 100 mph, they knew what we were going to do… » 5/21/07 12:30pm 5/21/07 12:30pm