Osaka PD Learning From LAPD, Use 460 Patrol Cars To Catch One Toyota Celsior

Hirofumi Fukuda learned yesterday that you do not screw with the Osaka Police. Wanted for allegedly assaulting some police officers earlier this week, his car was spotted driving recklessly through Central Osaka. Once police realized who it was they put a good chunk of the police force into action: 2,240 officers,… » 1/25/08 9:15am 1/25/08 9:15am

It Came from Japan: Street Racing in Osaka

We couldn't tell Osaka's Highway 2 from Yodogawa Dori, and we thought the Loop Line had to do with trains (sorry, we've never played Auto Modellista for PlayStation). But regardless, these clips of street racing in Osaka made us feel all Civic-y inside, though we're not a Japanese motorcyclist who has to deal with… » 4/17/06 12:51pm 4/17/06 12:51pm