Watch two dogs bail after explosive end to Orlando police chase

Two dogs survived a high-speed collision after a fleeing robbery suspect in a Toyota Corolla plowed into traffic in an Orlando intersection. The ensuing multi-car pileup put five people in the hospital. The dogs, who bolted from their crumpled Jeep at the first opportunity, have been found. » 12/21/11 5:30pm 12/21/11 5:30pm

The Ten Small Cars Of The Future

Years after being promised smaller and more fuel-efficient cars the next generation of diminutive autos is finally on its way. But these new "small" cars aren't as small as you might think. In order to provide a point of comparison, we've compared the length of these cars to a Ford Super Duty Crew Cab pickup truck.… » 12/09/08 2:30pm 12/09/08 2:30pm