Looking For Old Saabs On The Street? Head To Eugene!

I've come up woefully short in the Saab department in DOTS, with the oldest Born From Jet car I can find in Alameda being a 30-year-old 99. Fortunately, we have Oregonian PaulN doing his part to remedy the Saab Shortage, and he's caught this rough-but-proud '68 parked on the street in Eugene. Be sure to make the jump… »3/05/08 9:45am3/05/08 9:45am


Seatbelt Heimlichs Passed-Out Fast-Food Glutton, Saves Life

In one of those feel-good stories that just makes you feel proud to be an American, the aptly-named Steven Earp had his life saved because he'd remembered to buckle up before driving... though not in the usual way. Seems Mr. Earp, of Eugene, Oregon, was enjoying his fast-food breakfast so much that a McBolus became… »8/17/07 9:45am8/17/07 9:45am

Surprisingly Sober Dad Locks Kids In Car Trunk For Vacation

Not content to let the Australians beat us in the category of "worst parents," an Oregon man was arrested yesterday for locking two of his kids in his car's trunk for the family vacation. The small car he was driving didn't have room for himself, his fiancee and his four kids so he did the reasonable thing and stowed… »4/02/07 5:00pm4/02/07 5:00pm

The Roar of the Jetliners Could Be Farts: Portland Worries About Plane Pollution

We're big fans of Portland, Oregon. Sure the downtown one-way system and obsessively obsessive buslanes are a pain in the ass and the punkers sparing for change give us bad Telegraph Ave and Gilman Street flashbacks, but it's a beautiful, civic-minded city. And PDX is simply one of the best airports in the country.… »2/02/07 4:15pm2/02/07 4:15pm

Profiles in Accidental Hoonage: It's Broughton Bishop, Ice Dancer Extraordanaire

79-year-old Broughton Bishop of Portland, Oregon, is the man responsible for the fabulous unintentional hoonage caught on camera by a man on his roof with a video camera and too much time on his hands. Bishop's the guy in the XC90 who manages to do a convincing impression of a pinball on Portland's Southwest Salmon… »1/19/07 10:30pm1/19/07 10:30pm

Portland Oregon and Sloe Gin Fizz: Sliding Cars With Dysentery

The inimitable ThnderBlt sent us a link to this clip the other day, but the damn thing crashed our browser. But the resourceful types at Autoblog — whose budget is larger than ours while their ADD isn't nearly as acute — dug up this version of the vid on YouTube. And oh, crappin' crap, the thing inspires… »1/18/07 6:15pm1/18/07 6:15pm

Lapping Portland International Raceway in the Olympia Charger

We'll have a full report on the testing of the Olympia Charger at Portland International Raceway up here soon. In the meantime, Christophe Schwartz, general man about France, all 'round good guy and spearhead of the Oly Charger project, kicked down this vid of Dick Pierson's lap around PIR. Let us just say this — at… »4/04/06 6:54pm4/04/06 6:54pm

Dashboard Confessional: Oregon to Supplement Smog Stations With Self-Serve, Big Brother

No apologies to Chris Carraba and his brand of tatted up, beach-bro wuss rock for the above, by the way. Officials in Oregon have decided to make life simpler for owners of '96-and-newer vehicles; for 39 bucks, they can buy a little dash-mounted box that plugs into the OBD II port and checks to see if all… »9/19/05 10:59am9/19/05 10:59am