Oregon And Washington Could Legalize Lane-Splitting

California may be the only state in the country that allows motorcyclists to split lanes, but if bills proposed in Oregon and Washington pass, both states could join their West Coast sibling in helping riders free themselves from the tyranny of traffic. » 2/26/15 5:22pm 2/26/15 5:22pm

Man Tries To Evade Cops But Can't Evade His Own Awful Stench

The suspect was long gone. Nothing but some faint treadmarks on the ground, a whirl of dust in the air. But the old cop knew something was up. His lip curled, his nostrils widened. "That, Jimmy," he told his young deputy, "is not the smell of fear. It's the smell of Axe. Really, terrible Axe. Seriously, it's awful." » 9/29/14 9:03pm 9/29/14 9:03pm

Drunk Driver Hits Other Drunk Driver In Bizarre Drunk Driver Inception

A drunk driver hits a sober driver, the sober driver chases the drunk who then crashes into another drunk driver, gets attacked by witnesses, and everyone gets sued for $1.6 million. » 3/26/14 3:20pm 3/26/14 3:20pm

Oregon Police Find A Way To Issue Tickets That's Actually Helpful

Ticketing a driver for a vehicle violation gives them no good incentive to fix the broken taillight, headlight, or whatever. Eugene, Oregon's new citation system is much, much better. » 10/03/13 4:45pm 10/03/13 4:45pm

This Dual-Control Siamese Ford Must Be The Weirdest Car On Craigslist…

What if I told you there was an eight-cylinder, dual-clutch, four-wheel-drive, four-wheel-steer Ford on Craigslist right now? What if I told you it had dual controls? What if I told you it was made out of two Escorts? » 2/28/13 2:10pm 2/28/13 2:10pm

This Time-Lapse Shows Engineers Moving A Massive Bridge In Portland

New Yorkers might know the name of Gustav Lindenthal for designing the Hell Gate Bridge on the East River, but this great gentleman from the Czech part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire was also responsible for the Sellwood Bridge in Portland, Oregon. The problem is that 1925 was a long time ago, and the bridge's… » 1/24/13 9:30am 1/24/13 9:30am

Nine Dead, 20 Others Injured After Charter Bus Crashes In Oregon

Sad news today out of Oregon after at least nine people were killed and 20 others were injured when a charter bus plunged off an icy road, the AP reports. » 12/30/12 7:40pm 12/30/12 7:40pm

This Lucky Drunk Driver Didn't Fall From The Bridge Barrier He Crashed…

Whenever someone crashes through the barrier on the side of an overpass, it's never good news. When Matthew Hamilton, 38, drove his truck off the side of a bridge in Beaverton, OR this weekend, luck — and a really sturdy rear axle — saved him from plummeting onto the road below. » 11/26/12 12:30pm 11/26/12 12:30pm

Did A Warranty Corvette Engine Replacement Result In This Guy's Blown…

A month ago, Thani Al Mazrouei heard an unpleasant noise coming from his 2008 C6 Z06 Corvette's engine, and took it to the closest Chevrolet dealership to have it checked out. It turned out to be a problem with the crankshaft, so the dealership replaced the engine under the car's warranty. » 11/23/12 1:00pm 11/23/12 1:00pm

Volkswagen Van Drives Itself Into Condo While On Fire

Just when we thought we had seen all the world of car fires had to offer, a 1987 Volkswagen Vanagon manages to surprise us. The van performed the seemingly impossible this past week when it drove itself uphill into a nearby condo after setting itself ablaze. » 6/24/12 11:00am 6/24/12 11:00am

Jumping To Greatness In A Junker Accord

It's time to watch some grade-A HD hoonage of when bored Oregonians find themselves in the same muddy lot as a junker Honda Accord. They get some firewood, and then they go redneck car jumping. » 1/26/12 1:00pm 1/26/12 1:00pm

Camper Owner Doesn't Think Much of Obama

"People this pathetically insane should not be allowed to drive," writes the Reddit user who took this photo (outside a DMV in Salem, Ore.), but that's just another big-government liberal trying to tell us all what to do. Because, first of all, what's pathetic about covering your ancient camper with extended political… » 7/12/11 8:01pm 7/12/11 8:01pm

Why you don't take video of yourself driving 140 MPH to post on YouTube

An Oregon man put his Mensa membership in jeopardy when police pulled him over for doing 118 mph Saturday in his 2005 BMW, only to discover he was trying to video a 140-mph run to post on YouTube. Thanks to his self-made evidence, Stanislav Bakanov spent Saturday in jail and had his video confiscated. It's all for… » 2/14/11 9:20am 2/14/11 9:20am

Nathan Fillion Tries Out An Electric Car Salute

Actor Nathan Fillion's ardent evangelism for the Arcimoto Pulse, an electric three-wheeler, includes charming potential customers. Unfortunately for them, Arcimoto has pushed back its previous target of selling vehicles this year, and hasn't set a new one. » 10/28/10 2:00pm 10/28/10 2:00pm

Ten Great States To Drive Across

There's nothing like the thrill of crossing an entire U.S. state. We just know it's what our forefathers intended. With a little help from our readers we've put together this list of ten states to criss-cross on a driving adventure. » 8/19/09 12:00pm 8/19/09 12:00pm

Travis Pastrana Wins 2009 Oregon Trail Rally

MTV's "Nitro Circus" star and rally driver Travis Pastrana, along with co-driver Christian Edstrom, clocked a third win this season here at the Oregon Trail Rally situated in and around scenic, hippie-infested Portland. » 5/20/09 8:30am 5/20/09 8:30am

Jalopnik Heads Down The Oregon Trail, Gets Dysentery

There's a rally afoot in the hills of Oregon and we're headin' there; giant cameras and even bigger energy drinks in hand. Keep tabs on all of these crazy, dirty happenings after the jump. » 5/13/09 8:00am 5/13/09 8:00am

Oregon Trooper Nabs Five Speeding Exotic Cars... At Once!

Yesterday, we told you about the Canadian cop unable to nab just one Ferrari. Today, we have the story of an Oregon Trooper who nabbed five Canadian exotic car owners. By himself. At once. » 4/24/09 1:30pm 4/24/09 1:30pm