Ram Is Working On Retractable Ramps For Their Pickup Truck Beds

Fiat Chrysler USA was just awarded an American patent for “a ramp system for a vehicle storage bed” which appears to be exactly what it sounds like, and would be a hugely helpful feature for folks like me who like to put heavy stuff in trucks but don’t always have friends around to help. »7/14/15 4:00pm7/14/15 4:00pm


Scion Chooses Lackluster HD Radio For Its Audio-Centric Customers

Toyota has recently announced a partnership with iBiquity, which will put HD Radio systems in a variety of Scion vehicles. What makes this partnership even funnier is the PR-speak Toyota used to announce the partnership. »4/17/08 4:40pm4/17/08 4:40pm

Toyota hasn't gotten that hint that HD Radio is floundering, big time. This whole marketing thing…

You Don't Need It: MSN Money on Unnecessary Car Features

Most informed car buyers know, working the options sheet as if it were Vegas's Carnival World Buffet is the road to flash poverty. But check off those boxes judiciously and you'll save thousands and still get a car that won't leave you feeling like Cookie Jarvis at diabetes camp. But do you have to be an options… »6/27/07 10:20am6/27/07 10:20am