Opel Targets The Ladies With Shoes And Oh Yeah, An Agila To Match

No, that's not an April Fools' Day p-shop. That's what you think it is — a shoe that looks like an Opel. Designed by Simon Deering, The shoes are part of Opel's effort to market their Agila as a hip fashion accessory for their distaff customers. But the marketing doesn't stop there, Opel's even created a special model… » 4/03/08 2:00pm 4/03/08 2:00pm

Down on the Street...in Tokyo: The Chevy MW Is The Opel Agila

As we continue to clean out our CompactFlash cards, we've found another piece of metal from the Tokyo streets. Here's the perfect example of a city car produced by the General that they just don't build or sell over in this here part of the globe. This five-door 'merican Revolution is the Chevy MW, and it's a… » 11/05/07 9:45am 11/05/07 9:45am