Best Thing About The Financiapocalypse? Cheap Gas!

As MSNBC » 10/13/08 1:40pm 10/13/08 1:40pm reports, are creeping upward on reports of positive economic news around the globe, but not before they hit their lowest price in over a year on Friday: $77.70 a barrel. Turns out the global recession is lowering demand for oil, forcing prices into an overall downward trend, a cycle at least one analyst…

E85 for All Our Friends: Bush and Lula Party in Brazil

President Bush is in Brazil today causing a ruckus, creating traffic jams, and hanging out at at a mega fuel depot touting the new biofuels agreement between Brazil and the USA. Brazil is the world's largest single producer of ethanol, making theirs from sugary cane instead of corn. While chumming around with Brazil… » 3/09/07 12:30pm 3/09/07 12:30pm