Brinks Truck Spills $5 Million In Coins After Collision With Candy Truck

A Brinks truck hauling anywhere between $3-and-$9 million in Canadian coins (about $3 to $9 million in real 'merican money) was part of a chain-reaction collision involving another truck this morning that caused the armored transport to spill its heavy load on an Ontario highway. Oh, and one of the other truck's was … » 3/28/12 2:30pm 3/28/12 2:30pm

Oshawa, Ontario GM Plant To Build Mysterious Second RWD Vehicle

The tentative agreement announced earlier today between the Canadian Auto Workers and the General apparently contains provisions for, among other things, increased GM investment in production of a new vehicle at the Oshawa, Ontario plant. Why does this plant sound so familiar? Well, it's probably because it's where… » 5/15/08 2:40pm 5/15/08 2:40pm

Canadian Man Blames Lost Chrysler Data Tape For Irrational Identity…

A man from the Canadian city-to-the-south-of-Detroit, Windsor, Ontario, is miffed at Chrysler (or more likely Chrysler Financial Canada) for losing a data tape and potentially making the possibility of identity theft happen sooner rather than later. Seems a tape containing the names, addresses and Social Insurance… » 4/24/08 9:40am 4/24/08 9:40am

Old Canadian Busted For Racing Olds Under New Law

Ontario police caught a young-at-heart and lead-of-foot 85-year-old Canadian man going 100 mph (40 mph over the speed limit) in his Oldsmobile Intrigue, which makes him the oldest person to be charged under a new street racing law. The new law states that anyone going more than 31 mph over the speed limit can be… » 1/07/08 10:45am 1/07/08 10:45am

Ontario Contemplates Crackrock HOV Enviro Plan

As much as we vent here on tha Jalop about the habits and attitudes of many hybrid drivers, we're not against the gasoline-electric machines. We think they're fascinating pieces of technology, and in stop-and-go environments, their benefit is clear, both in terms of emissions and fuel savings. And we're not, per se » 8/09/07 8:00pm 8/09/07 8:00pm

Thank You, Don't Drive Through: Canucks to Crack Down on Idling Cars

The city fathers in Hamilton, Ontario, are mulling over proposals from eco-activist group Environment Hamilton to cut down on emissions by in part, halting construction of new drive-through windows in theh municipality, as well as gradually shutting down existing in-car service portals over an unspecified period of… » 12/29/06 5:45pm 12/29/06 5:45pm

Hoon of the Epoch: Rocket Lincoln Skyward!

In days when the safety brigades and the non-D. Boon/Mike Watt/George Hurley fools who call themselves "Minutemen" have made rocket-powered automotive border crossings obsolete, we must remind ourselves that in the past, there was a different gestalt; that armed with a few million dollars, a stuntman and a Lincoln… » 8/28/06 4:00pm 8/28/06 4:00pm