Ad Watch: Prestone Trying To Go Anti-Buzzkill; Plays Games Instead Of Work

We've got a problem with windshield wiper solution — don't manufacturers know at 95 mph, the fluid just flies right over the windshield and on to the car behind us? Apparently the windshield wiper washer fluid solution kings of Prestone are looking to at least provide us with an easy way to experience what it would… » 5/24/06 10:03am 5/24/06 10:03am

Skoda's Roomster Attracts Online Attention

Damn, sometimes we love ugly cars as much or more than attractive ones — and it looks like we're not alone. A press missive released today indicates a new microsite promoting the Skoda Roomster — the VW brand's awkwardly named, awkwardly envisaged wagon-ute — has seen 46,260 users since it went online this week.… » 3/09/06 2:34pm 3/09/06 2:34pm