Enter The One Lap Of America, And You Might End Up Starring In it

It's been said The Tire Rack One Lap of America is the toughest open road event you can do with a road-legal car. The 2015 event encompasses seven days, 3,245 miles and nine racetracks. It's really tough, but, so we hear, it's the most fun you can have on four wheels. » 1/24/15 6:14pm 1/24/15 6:14pm

This Is What Happens When You Roll A Cadillac Over A Wall

The cross-country street legal One Lap of America rolled into Road America for their latest stage today, leading the drivers of the CTS-V Sport Wagon to roll their wagon so hard it flipped over a retaining wall. The car spared itself with an explosion of airbags so that the driver could walk away uninjured. UPDATE » 5/11/12 2:00pm 5/11/12 2:00pm

Exciting in-car Nissan GTR track footage

Even if you aren't usually a big fan of in-car track footage we have a feeling you will enjoy watching (and listening) as race driver Leh Keen expertly navigates a GTR around Virginia International Raceway. The Nissan shown here during testing was built for competition in the One Lap of America by TopSpeed… » 5/07/11 10:00am 5/07/11 10:00am

Vanishing Point Dodge Challenger Wrecked On One Lap Of America

So remember the "Vanishing Point" Dodge Challenger we showed you Friday? Yeah, that one — the white Challenger piloted by former SCCA super-stud and now Chrysler car-macher Erich "Hair Helmet" Heuschele, with Ralph "Rambo" Gilles as navigator. It seems the "V.P." Challenger had a wee bit of trouble at turn one of Road… » 5/03/08 8:18pm 5/03/08 8:18pm