Gentlemen, Start Your Tabs: Wert On CNBC This Afternoon Talking SUV Taxes

Yet another round of the official car pundit drinking game today at 2:20 pm (EST) as our very own Wert wrestles with the topic of taxing them big-ass sport utility vehicles on CNBC. While it may not be as much fun as what Siler is wrestling with, we get to watch the destruction live. Do you think taxing SUVs is the… »8/13/08 1:30pm8/13/08 1:30pm


Official Car Pundit Drinking Game: The Strike Can Totally Happen Edition

It turns out the folks who normally do this post for me while I'm getting primped and my hair put in curlers when I've got a TV appearance apparently belong to one of the UAW locals who've gone on strike. Thus, I'm forced today to write this myself. I'll be on CNBC tonight at the top of the 7:00 EST hour to go On The… »9/24/07 4:06pm9/24/07 4:06pm

The Official Car Pundit Drinking Game: Yeah, That Hybrid's Got A Hemi!

Well, it looks like our senior editor from the D is taking is show to the boob tube this evening where he'll be talking about the Chrysler Group's new Hemi hybrids. He'll be On The Money this evening on CNBC at 7:39 EST and while he's powdering his nose, it's time for us to come up with some new drinking game rules.… »6/21/07 5:45pm6/21/07 5:45pm

Official Car Pundit Drinking Game: The Union Between Automaker And The Guys Who Make Autos

Well kids — it's once again time to don the thinking caps before the drinking caps. Our senior editor from the city that never sleeps barely has a pulse will be heading down to WDIV tonight at 7:00 PM 7:30 PM to catch the satellite waves to Jersey. That's right, he'll be on CNBC's On The Money and he'll be talking… »6/14/07 4:30pm6/14/07 4:30pm

How Many Drinks Was That: Wert Has A Transformers-Induced Robogasm On CNBC's "On The Money"

Some say he could probably be temporarily dubbed the Gawker Media "Transformers Editor," others say he's a fan-boy with a penchant for a robogasm. All we know is our suddenly tieless senior editor from Detroit was talking the business of robots in disguise last night on CNBC's On The Money. So let's add them up… »6/07/07 2:45pm6/07/07 2:45pm

How Many Drinks Was That? Wert Was Close Enough To Touch Melissa Francis

Immediately after coming off the air last night we got the low-down from Wert on his first in-studio on-air antics with the marvelous Melissa "Money Bunny" Francis. Here's what he had to say, you know, like a "behind-the-scenes" kind of thing: »4/06/07 6:05pm4/06/07 6:05pm

Now that we've got that debrief, and before the holiday weekend begins,…

The Official Car Pundit Drinking Game: Is The UAW In Bed With Kirk Kerkorian?

We're willing to forgive CNBC's Phil LeBeau for not including a link to the Jalop on his blog yet over at their newly-revamped website for the financial news network, but only because he totally gets us the scoops. Like this little Chrysler Group sales speculation: »4/05/07 4:33pm4/05/07 4:33pm

Must be why they've gone and asked our Senior Editor…