Ex-F1, Le Mans Winning Driver Jochen Mass Is Now Posting On Twitter

Jochen Mass's list of driving accomplishments is as long as his Twitter page is currently short, including a Le Mans win all the way up to the fact that he played himself in Rush. He's slowly getting the hang of this social media thing and posted something delightful for our amusement today: some vintage racing at… » 2/28/15 11:03am 2/28/15 11:03am

Flames To The Face! Onboard The Nissan LMP1 GT-R LM 

This Is What It Looks Like To Flip On Your Car's Roof

Here's an in-car video from onboard Byron Defoor's roof-bound Highway to Help Riley-BMW Daytona Prototype, running at Daytona for the Roar Before the 24. It's one of the most bizarre videos I've ever seen, mainly because it feels like forever before the car hits the ground. » 2/12/15 4:15pm 2/12/15 4:15pm

Ride Along As Sebastian Vettel Gets Acquainted With A Ferrari F1 Car

Sebastian Vettel took his first laps in a Ferrari Formula One car last week, and now Ferrari has released an onboard highlight video of that test. Vettel not only takes the car around the track, but runs several tests with it to get used to how the Ferraris work. » 12/03/14 10:23am 12/03/14 10:23am

Ride Onboard A Rally Stage Into The Darkest Depths Of The Forest

Former F1 driver Robert Kubica crashed his way out of Rally France this past weekend, but not before setting the fastest time out of anyone in the event on Special Stage 15. It appears Special Stage 15 takes place in a Grimm fairy tale. » 10/08/14 9:06pm 10/08/14 9:06pm

Watch This Race Car Driver Pass Nine Cars In One Turn

Things got a little wild at the start of IndyCar's recent race at Mid Ohio. Driver James Hinchcliffe gave a textbook example of how to capitalize off that drama. » 8/06/14 4:07pm 8/06/14 4:07pm

Watch This Exhausting 36+ Mile Rally Stage Onboard

Rallies are long, multi-day competitions, but the stages themselves are relatively short. Something that runs twelve miles is seen as quite long. This stage is over 36 miles, and here it is onboard, in its entirety. » 6/18/14 7:24pm 6/18/14 7:24pm

A Shelby Cobra At Road Atlanta In The Rain

Shelby Cobra replicas are a big part of the vintage racing scene in America. This helmet-cam video from MotorSportsMedia shows how happy they are on the track, even if that track is something as gnarly as Road Atlanta in the wet. » 5/28/12 1:00pm 5/28/12 1:00pm

What it's like to drive the Le Mans-winning Audi R18

This isn't some video game replay, this is eight minutes of onboard footage of the Audi R18 TDi that won the 2011 24 Hours of Le Mans. We can tell you how quiet diesel Le Mans prototypes are and how low they rev, but you really just have to hear one for yourself. » 12/28/11 4:30pm 12/28/11 4:30pm

Ferrari 599XX Claims New Nurburgring Lap Time Record

The Ferrari 599XX claims to have just became the first production-derived sports car to break the seven-minute barrier at the Nurburgring, lapping it at an astonishing 6:58.16. But is it really a record? » 4/23/10 10:00am 4/23/10 10:00am

On-board a BMW M1 in HD

Made with some of the highest production values we've seen in an on-board video, this HD film shows Sean McInerney lapping Silverstone in a BMW M1 Procar. Make sure your speakers are turned up. » 10/15/09 5:15pm 10/15/09 5:15pm