Crap Your Pants As This Camaro With No Brakes Narrowly Avoids Hitting A Truck

Sebring International Raceway’s Chateau Élan Hotel and Conference Center features sweeping views of the circuit itself, a lively bar right next to the action, and a parking lot to bust in to A-Team-style when you lose your brakes at the hairpin. We’re glad this Camaro driver knew where the track access road went.

This Is How Absurdly Difficult It Was To See At The 12 Hours Of Sebring

The 12 Hours of Sebring this year was as wet and wild as it gets, but what did that look like in the car? Fortunately for those of you who weren’t watching an in-car stream, here’s footage of the No. 66 Ford GT right before it slid into a tire wall. It’s hard to see where the track even goes when it rains this hard.

A McLaren P1 With Roasted Tires Is The Best Roller Coaster Ever

Roller coasters can be exciting and all, but they corner like they’re on rails—literally. Yawn. Rides are so much better when the tires have been happily thrashed on all day and you get just a little bit of slip that’s controllable with competent hands. Oh, and they’re the best of all if they’re in McLaren’s latest…