The Oldsmobile Omega Was Apparently The Most Redundant Small Car

Oldsmobile's got a weird legacy. It was supposed to be sporty, sort of, and it was supposed to slot into a level somewhere above Pontiac, but somewhere below everything else. At the end of the day, it was clearly redundant. So I have no idea what the hell the tagline in this ad means. » 7/19/14 9:00am 7/19/14 9:00am

Crazy Euro Car Boy’s First Oldsmobile

You told us about your first Oldsmobiles. Our turn now: before becoming smitten with Lamborghinis and Zondas, our crazy Euro car boy did something very un-European—he spent his formative years in an Oldsmobile. » 6/02/09 12:00pm 6/02/09 12:00pm