The Olsen Eagle Toronado: Expanded In Every Direction!

When "looming garage space crises" take over your life, you have but one choice: sell your customized '73 Olds Toronado on eBay! That's what's happening here, as the no-doubt-legendary Olsen Eagle goes up for sale with a starting bid of just $8,500. This beauty cost $64,720 to build in the early 80s (almost 150 grand… »6/17/08 8:00am6/17/08 8:00am

Crowning the King of 1970: Buick GSX vs Chevy Chevelle SS. vs Olds 442 vs Pontiac GTO Judge

Yes friends, we're here to talk muscle cars. We absolutely need a ride (or two) for the porterhouse steak and french fry set. But as you know, we've got just 50 spots in our +10 Garage of Fantasy, so we need to choose with care. First we have to eliminate some contenders. So let's pick a year. 1970 seems like a nice… »5/01/07 1:30pm5/01/07 1:30pm