Retirees That Bought BMWs Are Not Happy

Today we asked "What Is The Best Car For A Retiree?" Certified financial planner, Wes Moss is the author of "You Can Retire Sooner Than You Think." He surveyed over 1300 retirees and found that BMW drivers are not as happy as Lexus drivers. » 7/21/14 12:09pm 7/21/14 12:09pm

Dealership Reportedly Sells Honda Fit To Man With Dementia For $27,000

On June 16, an elderly man who had recently suffered a stroke took his 2011 Honda Fit in for an oil change. While he was at the dealership, the sales staff allegedly talked him into buying a car he didn't need. » 7/12/14 2:06pm 7/12/14 2:06pm

Aging Veterans Are Using Oculus Rift To Fly War Planes Again

Flying days don't have to be over for elderly vets. Thanks to Reddit user Jwsimmons, who's been visiting assisted living homes with Oculus Rift for the past year, these former pilots get to experience the planes from their glory days all over again. » 6/09/14 11:38am 6/09/14 11:38am

The Question Of Driving While Elderly, Presented Beautifully

Welcome to Sunday Matinee, where we highlight classic car reviews or other longer videos I find on YouTube. Kick back and enjoy this blast from the past. » 3/02/14 5:12pm 3/02/14 5:12pm

This Elderly Couple Got Confused And Drove Home In The Wrong Car

In a hilarious case of mistaken car identity this week, police in Ontario, Oregon say they recovered a car thought to have been stolen from a supermarket after it was accidentally driven home by an elderly couple who thought it was theirs. Oh, old people. » 1/06/13 11:00am 1/06/13 11:00am

This 71-year-old woman was busted for having sex with a younger man in…

You thought after your 18th birthday you'd grown out of having sex in the back of the car. Not so for 71-year-old senior citizen Rita Daniels who was arrested for getting it on in the back of her Buick with a guy she picked up at a bar. » 10/05/11 4:55pm 10/05/11 4:55pm

How Video Games May Keep Grandpa Out Of A Car Crash

A new study had elderly drivers play a series of video games designed to sharpen their responses while driving. After six years, those who played had 50% fewer crashes than those who didn't. » 11/10/10 1:00pm 11/10/10 1:00pm

Watch An Elderly Woman Take Her Buick The Wrong Way On I-95

Police in Philadelphia want to speak with an elderly woman who took her Buick Century station wagon the wrong way down Interstate 95 Thursday at 50mph, causing four separate accidents. Here's amazing video of it actually happening.UPDATED: She's 84. » 10/29/10 10:40am 10/29/10 10:40am

Old Lady's Mobility Scooter Pimped to Race 88km/h Faster

Colin isn't just an ordinary hooligan who rode off into the sunset with some granny's mobility scooter and the fortnight's grocery shopping (mmm, cereal). He actually pimped the petrol scooter so it can drag-race at 111km/h. » 10/14/10 10:54am 10/14/10 10:54am

83-Year-Old Man Lands Plane On Florida Expressway

An 83-year-old pilot was forced to land his plane on a Florida expressway Sunday morning after experiencing engine trouble, successfully merging Jalopnik and Planelopnik. [NBCMiami] » 6/22/09 9:45am 6/22/09 9:45am

Deer Takes In Scenic Route... Through The Grill Of A Buick

Seemingly unbeknownst to the driver, a contortionist deer rides shotgun in the grill of Grandpa's Buick. NSFW. Don't say we didn't warn you. » 6/03/09 4:30pm 6/03/09 4:30pm