This Is What's Left Of Old GM

It's been three years now since American taxpayers forked over billions of dollars to put General Motors through bankruptcy. The new version of GM is back on its feet, making money again, even if its shareholders would like to see their stock do better. » 6/20/12 12:00pm 6/20/12 12:00pm

Federal Judge Approves Sale Of Good Parts To Newer Model GM

A federal judge approved GM's plan late Sunday to sell its best assets to a new, government-backed company — "New GM" — a crucial step in completing the automaker's trip through bankruptcy court and, you know, not liquidating. [NYT] » 7/06/09 2:00am 7/06/09 2:00am

CNBC Takes Walk Down "Old GM" Memory Lane

Yesterday, CNBC inter-spliced their GM bankruptcy coverage with happier moments from the General's past (i.e., the 1950s). Either they were mocking GM or Kudlow was having another coke-fueled fantasy of Erin Burnett in an apron baking lasagna. [CNBC] » 6/02/09 3:30pm 6/02/09 3:30pm