20 Years After The O.J. Simpson Chase And The Ford Bronco Is In Hiding

It was 20 years ago today that we all stopped what we were doing to watch a white Ford Bronco drive, slowly, around Los Angeles. Out of context it seems absurd, but O.J. Simpson's televised escape, and the subsequent trial, changed how we watch the world. And yet, the most important piece of the chase is gone. Where… »6/17/14 12:00pm6/17/14 12:00pm


OJ Simpson Does Not Have 307 Cubic Inches Of V8 Engine

The 1970 Chevy Nova was a pretty good car, simple and quite versatile; you could get one with a gas-sipping 153-cube four-cylinder engine, a hoon-a-pa-loozic 396 big-block, or just about anything in between (though the standard 307 was sort of a dud). Not only that, it was a better automobile than O.J. Simpson... who… »3/18/08 10:00am3/18/08 10:00am