PCH, Turbo Offenhauser Euro Sedan Edition: Peugeot 404 or Rover 2000?

Welcome to Project Car Hell, where you choose your eternity by selecting the project that's the coolest... and the most hellish! In our last matchup, the big-block '72 Ford Torino took advantage of Graverobber's Mad Max-themed PCH Tirade™ to unleash the Lord Humungus' dogs of war upon the '70 Mercury Cougar. Today, we… » 7/18/08 5:30pm 7/18/08 5:30pm

Workhorse Engine of the Day: Offenhauser!

After seeing a bunch of these mighty 4-bangers at Laguna Seca a few months back, we have to agree with commenter Discontinuity that the Offenhauser definitely belongs in this series. Based on a Miller marine engine, the first Offenhauser engine was built in 1933. For the next few decades, the twin-cam/4-valve… » 11/15/07 3:30pm 11/15/07 3:30pm

Torquing Offys Aplenty!

When Mickey Thompson was railing against the Offenhauser-powered establishment while building his Buick V8-powered Indy 500 car, he referred to the big four-bangers as "those torquing Offys," and the phrase just sticks in our minds. The Offy, like, totally pwned for decades, and we've seen a bunch of them all up close… » 8/18/07 7:45pm 8/18/07 7:45pm

That Psychedelic 70s Car Show

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway itself is putting out the call to all unique and unusual rides from the 70s. Owners are encouraged to roll in and help celebrate the 91st running of the Indianapolis 500 at the Psychedelic 70s Car Show, from May 18th to 20th. As a Sunday bonus the entire group will be invited out onto… » 5/02/07 3:30pm 5/02/07 3:30pm

Offenhauser Insanity in PA!

Yes, we know we often wax giddy over the might of Suzuki's 1.3L hellion of a motorcycle engine, but let's face it, the 'Busa ain't a patch on the Offenhauser, which is simply the most badass four-cylinder motor ever conceived. Great looks, great power, (15:1 compression!) DOHC, four valves and a career that spanned… » 4/10/07 5:30pm 4/10/07 5:30pm

Foyt Wins The Indy Five Hunnert!

The early-to-mid 1960s were a time of tumult at Indianapolis. The engines had begun to shift from the front to the rear, and the track was still claiming victims with somewhat alarming regularity. However, Colin Chapman's motto wasn't "Simplicate and add durability," (otherwise, one thinks, he would've been running… » 9/18/06 11:15pm 9/18/06 11:15pm

Indy Retroness: Offy, Mofos!

Amazingly enough, back in the 1930s, Harry Miller's marine-intended four-pot ran a car up to 144 mph. When Miller went bankrupt, his employee, Fred Offenhauser continued to develop the engine and turned it into one of the most dominant, long-lived racing powerplants in history. The last Offy to turn a wheel in anger… » 5/27/06 9:51pm 5/27/06 9:51pm