You Ever Notice How Peugeot Drivers Drive Like This, And Renault Drivers Drive Like That?

It's tough for Kenan Thompson. He doesn't look like any active politicians, his only recurring sketch on SNL was cut and he ends up getting parts later into the show after most people have already gone to sleep or given up. That's why we were glad to see Keenan get this "Weekend Update" moment as a black comedian who… »3/10/08 10:20am3/10/08 10:20am


Chrysler Builds Buzz For Challenger In Memphis Airport

After spending a billion (or three) dollars on market research, the elite Chrysler media team achieved a coup de grâce in the Muscle Car Wars by getting the new Challenger SRT8 positioned on the front partition of the southernmost magazine rack at Memphis International Airport's "LiterAIRy" bookstore/Elvis memorabilia… »3/05/08 5:02pm3/05/08 5:02pm

Pontiac Firebird Gets Destroyed By Women For Amusement Of Ze Germans

That German humor is sometimes hard to grasp. A lot of people, for instance, don't know that most Germans consider Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man to be a farce in the spirit of Plautus. That my help explain what's going on in this video for Motorraver magazine. In Germany, angry music plus a 1991 Firebird plus… »2/26/08 2:45pm2/26/08 2:45pm

V8 Ford Falcon Supercar Tuned To Play Waltzing Matilda, Waltzing Matilda, Waltzing Matilda With Me

The folks at JELD-WEN Motorsports have had a little extra time on the their hands this off season and have used that to make some interesting engine management adjustments. In addition to raking up wins in the Australian V8 Supercar series, this Falcon manages to play a simple version of the Australian folk tune. More… »2/21/08 10:20am2/21/08 10:20am