Air Force Names Its Death Machines After Charlie Sheen and Battlestar…

Charlie Sheen isn't an F-18, but he is an EC-130 cargo plane specially configured for psy-ops. Some EC-130 flights over Libya have been going by the call-sign "SHEEN"— as in, "SHEEN 53, what's your altitude?" Other flights are "CYLONs." » 3/24/11 5:28pm 3/24/11 5:28pm

Lada, Like You Have Never Seen Before

Our love for EnglishRussia is well established, but sometimes you miss solid gold during the occasional auto show mad house. Yes, that is a Lada in the above photo, there is no attached information other than that. We're not sure what the best part is; all that custom body work, the stick on hood scoop, the home… » 1/16/08 5:00pm 1/16/08 5:00pm