Down On The Czech Street: Skoda Spartak!

Once again, our Czech tipster BobAsh has come through with the Skoda goods for us, this time in the form of a bunch of shots of a Skoda 440 (also known as the Spartak) from the mid-to-late 50s. Since BobAsh was kind enough to write a lot of description, thus sparing my lazy ass from having to, you know, do work,… » 10/12/07 2:15pm 10/12/07 2:15pm

Octavia! Octavia! Inexplicable Inversion!

Our Dutch pal Jason Garber caned a Lincoln Navigator within mere millimeters of its life on last summer's Bullrun, prompting the best exchange on the rally between a participant and a civilian: "Where'd you learn to drive?"
And he now has sent us this video, which makes us sad for the poor Octivia, yet… » 1/20/07 12:30am 1/20/07 12:30am