Bluetec, 4Matic, Ocean Drive and Emmitt Smith: Mercedes-Benz Detroit Press Intro

See! Zetsche on Ice! Before he sauntered across the street to slake the thirst of a teeming mass of boozehound autojournos and sycophants at the Firehouse, Dr. Zed took to the ice rink after a rather inexplicable intro involving a man on a sled pulled by some ripe-smelling dogs. What followed was an orgy of winter… » 1/08/07 12:45pm 1/08/07 12:45pm

Ragtop Riche: Mercedes-Benz Reveals Ocean Drive Concept

Mercedes is making good on rumors it would show a droptop S-Class at the Detroit show in '07. It's called the Ocean Drive Concept, and, true to speculation, it's a cabrio version of the company's flagship S600, fitted with LED lamps and something called Airscarf, which blows warm air blows around passengers on cold… » 12/20/06 7:15am 12/20/06 7:15am

Volvo Launches Ocean Drive Editions at Washington DC Show

Give the Capitol some! Volvo didn't forget the car-loving lawmakers, lobbyists, lawyers and legislative lapdogs of Lithuanian lineage (well, there must be at least one) of our nation's capital. On the occasion of the Washington DC auto show, the company launched a new special-edition package — the Volvo Ocean Race —… » 1/26/06 7:03am 1/26/06 7:03am