Bluetec, 4Matic, Ocean Drive and Emmitt Smith: Mercedes-Benz Detroit Press Intro

See! Zetsche on Ice! Before he sauntered across the street to slake the thirst of a teeming mass of boozehound autojournos and sycophants at the Firehouse, Dr. Zed took to the ice rink after a rather inexplicable intro involving a man on a sled pulled by some ripe-smelling dogs. What followed was an orgy of winter… »1/08/07 12:45pm1/08/07 12:45pm


Ragtop Riche: Mercedes-Benz Reveals Ocean Drive Concept

Mercedes is making good on rumors it would show a droptop S-Class at the Detroit show in '07. It's called the Ocean Drive Concept, and, true to speculation, it's a cabrio version of the company's flagship S600, fitted with LED lamps and something called Airscarf, which blows warm air blows around passengers on cold… »12/20/06 7:15am12/20/06 7:15am