No, Barack Obama Isn't Giving Free Cars And Motorcycles To Poor Kids

Even if you're among the liberal faithful, President Obama has probably given you plenty of reasons to be annoyed with him lately, mainly for that whole "spying on you all the time" unpleasantness. But here's one reason you don't need to be miffed: He is not giving away free cars and motorcycles on your dime. »6/27/13 10:34am6/27/13 10:34am


Illinois Woman Wants To Sell You Obama's 2000 Grand Cherokee

Liz Murphy of Naperville, Illinois discovered while signing papers on a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee »8/29/08 4:00pm8/29/08 4:00pm that the vehicle had been owned by then state senator . Local paper reports that Murphy was happy to discover her Jeep had been celebrity-owned, but now that Obama has a chance at the White House, she's hoping to cash in…