President Obama Will Hang Out With Jerry Seinfeld On Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

The trailer for the new season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is out today, and it reveals President Barack Obama will drive around with Jerry Seinfeld in a baby blue 1963 Corvette Sting Ray on the White House lawn. Will the president get to rip burnouts in the ‘vette? Is he secretly a die-hard Jalop? We have so…


Russia Begins Bombing Operations In Syria As A Bigger Strategic Picture Emerges

It was just a matter of time before Russia’s new expeditionary pocket air force in Syria began its bombing operations. Over the last few weeks Russian drones have been flying missions out of Latakia Air Base looking for targets. Now the first Russian shots have been fired in what could be a very long battle to secure…

Huge Military Display In Moscow For The 70th Anniversary Of Victory Day

Some 200 military ground vehicles, 140 aircraft and 16,500 troops participated in the 70th anniversary of Victory Day parade held in Moscow’s Red Square today. Highlights included Russia’s new “Armata” family of armor and China’s President Xi Jinping standing alongside Putin for the whole affair.

Things Got So Awkward Between Putin And Obama At China's APEC Summit

It is well known that the leaders of the two nations that collectively posses the vast majority of nuclear weapons on planet earth have an icy relationship at best. This was awkwardly apparent at this week's Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in China. Here are some of the best pictures of this odd couple's…