​Let's Caption This Amazing Photo Of President Obama In A Saturn

President Obama was talking transportation today, visiting the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center in McLean, VA and then giving a speech on our crumbling infrastructure. None of that matters because here's a shot of him driving down a virtual highway in a Saturn L-Series. And it needs a caption. » 7/15/14 6:57pm 7/15/14 6:57pm

Ten Facts About Presidential Inaugural Cars, Some Of Which Are Lies

It seems that today we, as a country, will be inaugurating a President. It's the same President we had before, so it should go pretty easily, seeing as how he already has all his stuff in the White House and all the radios preset with his chosen stations. Still, it's a big deal, since we only do this once every leap… » 1/21/13 10:30am 1/21/13 10:30am

Barack Obama And Mitt Romney Are Both Wrong About Dog-Powered Windmill…

Today, President Obama was in Iowa, talking about his energy policies, including wind power. He reminded the crowd that Republican candidate Mitt Romney said of wind power "You can't drive a car with a windmill on it," and then Obama used that to get in a little zinger, saying "I don't know if he's actually tried… » 8/14/12 2:00pm 8/14/12 2:00pm