NYC Has Impounded 500 Uber Cars Since April for Picking Up Illegal Fares

On the same day that Uber got bad news from the California Labor Commission, the New York Post reports another ill omen for the technology-company-and-definitely-not-a-car-service everyone loves to hate and use anyway: NYC has impounded nearly 500 Uber cars since April in a sting against illegal “street hails.” » 6/17/15 4:43pm 6/17/15 4:43pm

Multiple Injuries Reported After Buses Collide In New York City Tunnel

At least 18 people have been reported injured after two buses collided in the Lincoln Tunnel, which connects New York City with New Jersey. The extent of the injuries is as of yet unclear, though local news channel WIPX-11 is reporting that multiple people were being seen taken out on stretchers. » 6/10/15 11:06am 6/10/15 11:06am

In The Shadow Of Mets Stadium, Mechanics Hunger Strike Against Eviction

The planned destruction of Willets Point may be New York City’s most vile campaign against its own working poor. Now the mechanics that the city wants to throw out on the street are holding a hunger strike in defiance. Let me explain what happened to get to this very low, low point. » 6/03/15 10:00am 6/03/15 10:00am

The Secret Lives of NYC Mega-Projects, Revealed By One Photographer 

The sprawling construction sites buried below NYC are carefully regulated places, inaccessible to the public. But one photographer has been exploring these caverns and tunnels for 15 years at the MTA’s request—and his work paints an amazing picture of life underground.
» 4/15/15 7:10pm 4/15/15 7:10pm