Tour the 1969 New York Auto Show with Car and Track

While Car and Track was best known for wringing out the newest super cars and poshmobiles on their test track, the show was ultimately concerned with all things automotive. » 9/04/11 4:00pm 9/04/11 4:00pm

Awesome Fuchs-style Porsche wheels cost $6,000

Porsche's offering these cool Fuchs throwback wheels (the same ones as on the Porsche 911 Sport Classic). Trouble is, they're a custom "tech" option, costing a whopping $6,000. High customer interest will likely lower prices, so don't despair yet. » 4/21/11 4:30pm 4/21/11 4:30pm

Shelby GT500 Super Snake escapes to New York

The 2011 Shelby GT500 Super Snake carries all the baggage of a Carroll Shelby-ized vehicle — including the signature plaques — but it also carries about 800 horsepower. So why are you complaining? » 4/21/11 8:45am 4/21/11 8:45am

Scion FR-S is the new Toyota FT-86

Our concerns over the Toyota FT-86 becoming the Scion FR-S numbered two: it would look boring and it would still cost too much. These first pictures of the FR-S show we don't have to worry about the first part. » 4/20/11 8:30am 4/20/11 8:30am

BMW X6 M: Soft-Roading Along To New York

The BMW X6 M will debut next week at the 2009 New York Auto Show. Try and contain your excitement over thoughts of a 550 bhp soft-roader. Excuse me, apologies, we meant Sports Activity Coupe. » 4/02/09 9:00am 4/02/09 9:00am