2009 Dodge Challenger S/E: A Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name

I was wandering around the floor of the New York auto show yesterday afternoon, trying to find a free scone. No, I was looking for automotive inspiration to break the second-day malaise. I never did find the scone, but I did stumble on the 2009 Dodge Challenger S/E up on its dais. I've been thinking of nothing else… »3/21/08 1:45pm3/21/08 1:45pm


One-Minute Judgment: Wert Assesses The Transit Connect

Our whip-wielding road crew warden gallant leader put on his bespoke suit and Burberry cravat at the New York Auto Show and told thestreet.com exactly what he thinks of the adorable Ford Transit Connect, which is bravenewworld-speak for "New York City Taxi Concept." Wert was slingin' the deadpan humor in the way that… »3/21/08 10:45am3/21/08 10:45am

What Bentley Believes: 17-Page CO2 Manifesto Has Been Read

Bentley is refreshing. Their ultra-luxe, mega-horsepower sleds, favored rides of autocrats, royalty and rap tycoons, are such a specialized product that the Craftsmen of Crewe can pretty much reduce their whole climate-change/fuel-scarcity strategy to a question of customer relations. I promised I'd read the white… »3/20/08 4:45pm3/20/08 4:45pm

Backseat Nav/Entertainment Screen Distracts NYers from Cabbie Hoonage

It was just like old times! On the eve of the New York Auto Show, several Jalopnik staffers hopped into a cab, called out an address—and immediately felt the familiar sensation of a Ford Crown Vic having its pedal jammed to the metal. Gotta love NYC cab drivers. As we were being tossed hither and yon in the back seat,… »3/19/08 5:30pm3/19/08 5:30pm

Bentley Brings 17-Page Emissions-Reduction Plan To NYC, Also Some Dang Expensive Cars

Let's just get this out of the way up front so you can come back later: Bentley brought no new luxurious nor mega-costly glistening sheet metal hand-rubbed to a burnished sheen by ambidextrous master craft-rubbers at their lush production palace factory in Crewe, England. Instead, at this New York Auto Show they… »3/19/08 3:45pm3/19/08 3:45pm

Keynote! Chrysler CEO Nardelli Heralds New Era of "Globality" At Struggling Carmaker

Did you know that Bob Nardelli is a "car guy?" He is, baby. Of course, that didn't stop him from trotting out something that most legit car guys would rather drink used motor oil than sit through: the dreaded pie-in-the-sky biz-speak PowerPoint presentation. Post-breakfast, as a roomful of eyes slowly glazed,… »3/19/08 10:50am3/19/08 10:50am