Tom Friedman Will Be On Every User's Page: New York Times Building A MySpace For Cars

At some point soon this whole MySpace thing will jump the shark. We don't know when, we don't know how — but we do know we've seen a number of harbingers of the end. If it's not ESPN looking to become the MySpace for sports fans then it very well could be the ol' grey lady's desire to get into the whole… »7/06/06 9:25am7/06/06 9:25am


New York Times To Pimp Online And Print Auto Section; Fuzzy Dice Not Ruled Out

Starting this Sunday, the Grey Lady will expand the print version of its Automobiles section to include — are you sitting down? — three new half-pages of editorial content. What's its plan for the other half-pages? Might it be ad inventory targeted to match the new editorial content? Oh wait, according to … »5/12/06 9:20am5/12/06 9:20am