How Much Is Too Much For GPS? How About A G?

Garmin's ever-expanding line of GPS navigation units is getting an expensive new addition. The Garmin Nuvi 880 is now available for pre-order at Amazon for a ridiculous, ball-busting $1,000. You're probably telling yourself that a GPS system had better be able to read your mind and make coffee to be worth $1,000,… » 6/18/08 3:20pm 6/18/08 3:20pm

Garmin Nuviphone: What Does It Mean For The GPS Biz?

Just when I thought Garmin was too busy releasing a relentless number of GPS navigation systems, they come out of nowhere with the Nuviphone, a full-blown cellphone based around a GPS core that's set for a third quarter release this year. No word on the carrier or price. With a variety of carriers and manufacturers… » 1/31/08 1:45pm 1/31/08 1:45pm

Garmin, MSN Eliminate Unnecessary Address Entry on GPS Units

Garmin is taking steps in the right direction with a new service it recently announced. Everyone who has used a GPS navigation knows that entering addresses is pretty painstaking, so this new service—a collaboration between Garmin and MSN Direct—tries to eliminate that requirement altogether. It seems the service is… » 1/25/08 4:30pm 1/25/08 4:30pm

The Ultimate Garmin Nuvi Shopping Guide

One of the biggest gripes about aftermarket GPS navigation systems is that there are simply too many choices. Seriously, do you really need to release a new model because it has microSD expandability rather than mere SD? Cut out the gadget diarrhea already. Enter Navigadget, performing a valuable service by breaking… » 1/22/08 10:30am 1/22/08 10:30am